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With the Club Adventure Card, all members enjoy discounts and prizes, both from Adventure Way and from our partners.


Conditions for Partners

See how our partnerships work, you can choose to be an Adventure Way and Adventure Club partner.

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CONDITIONS FOR Discount Partners

It is the basic way of being our Partner. You must define a commission amount that you assign to Adventure Way for booking/purchasing its services/products. This commission will be shared with Club Adventure Card holders as follows:

50% of the Commission

It will be the real commission that the Adventure Way enjoys.

50% of the Commission

It will be awarded in the form of a direct discount to the final customer.

1 - The value defined by the partner will be valid both for reservations made by Adventure Way services and for reservations made directly by the final customer;
2 - In case the booking is made by Adventure Way services, the total commission will be deducted from the amount payable to the partner;
3 - In reservations made directly by the final customer, the amount corresponding to Adventure Way must be kept as a credit to be reduced in future reservations;
4 - The partner, when contacted by a member of the Adventure Club, can choose to direct him to the Adventure Way services to accept the reservation;
5 - The value of the partner's service will always be disclosed by presenting the list price and the inherent discount, with total transparency. 


In this option, Partners will have a Club Adventure Partners Card in which they enjoy the benefits as members of the Club and earn commission if they recommend or use Adventure Way services or those of other partners.

Direct Discounts

Take advantage of discounts from Club Adventure members in the services of other Partners and Adventure Way, as stated in the PARTNERS DIRECTORY.

Referral Discounts

When making reservations with our partners, either directly or through our services, they have 25% of the commission attributed to Adventure Way. In AW services the conditions are those of PARTNER PROGRAMS.


We want to compensate the work of all partners who recommend, suggest and/or sell our programs, so we created a very attractive Commission Plan.

Direct Commissions

Program/Voucher Value
Between €10 and €30: 10% commission
Between €31 and €60: 12.5% commission
+ 61€: 15% commission

Monthly Accumulated

Accumulated value
Up to €500: 2% commission
Between €501 and €750: 3% commission
Between €751 and €1,000: 4% commission
+ €1,001: 5% commission


To all partners that accumulate
€5,000/quarter receive an Adventure Voucher worth €150 to use in one of our programs.

1- Direct Commissions are transferred to the partner, as soon as the customer makes the payment to Adventure Way, or will be deducted from the amount to be paid by the Partners to Adventure Way (if the program is charged to the customer by the partner).
2 - The commission on the Monthly Accumulated amounts will be paid monthly until the 10th of the month following the one referring to the commissions.
3 - Prize vouchers are not eligible for exchange for monetary value, and must be used according to the rules contained therein.
All amounts paid as commission, imply the discharge through Receipt or Invoice, without which they will not be able to be paid. 

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